My Music Gear


1997 Gibson LP Custom Plus Vintage Sunburst with 490R/498T pickups  <Link> 

2003 Gibson LP 1957 Reissue Goldtop (Historic) w/Fillmore Pups   <LINK>

1996 Gibson LP Studio Gem Emerald Black with w/P90’s <Link>

2000 Gibson ES-335 Dot Reissue Cherry Red with Classic ’57 pickups  <Link>

2004 Gibson Songwriter Deluxe Cutaway <Link>       <Photo>

1998 Peavey Wolfgang  <Link>



The Guitar Harem    Rack 'em Up!  LP Heaven

'03 LP Goldtop 57RI full shot    '03 Goldtop 57RI bodyshot

Wolfgang THD GT 4x10" and GNX2

97 Custom+ and Wolfy     97Custom Full shot

01 Standard and 97 Custom Plus full shot    Bodyshot   Headstocks

'01 Standard and '00 ES335 Dot Reissue    Bodyshot

'01 ES335 Dot Reissue

AmpRack  VHT Pitbull

Ladies & The Champ

Five Ladies

oh yeah, almost forgot… have some Fender stuff, too.



AMPS & Cabs

VHT Pitbull Fifty/CL 50watt head <Link>

THD Univalve 15watt Class A head <Link>

Marshall 2245 “JTM45” 30watt head  <Link>

Pierson Tweed “Champ” <Link>  <Photo>

PodXT Pro <Link>

Engl 1x12” Vintage 30 Celestion  <Link>

Palmer PGA04 <Link>

Marshall SE100 Speaker Simulator & Attenuator   <Link>



Yamaha 01X Digital Mixer  <Link>

Sonar 3 Producer Edition   <Link>

Edirol SD-90 Studio Canvas (great for digital recording and MIDI stuff)  <Link> 

EMU Darwin Hard Disk recorder  <Link>

Groove Tubes MD1b Vacuum Tube Condenser Microphone <Link>

Audio Technica AT4033 condenser microphone   <Link>

Shure SM58 & SM57 & SM78

Sennheiser thin finger mic for ambience

Focusrite Voicemaster Pro Platinum   <Link>

Lexicon Alex

Yamaha NSM10s



Ibanez TS9/808 Robert Keeley Modded <Link>

Ibanez SD9 Sonic Distortion



Tusk Buffer picks (strongly recommended!)   <Link>

Monster Cables

Radio Shack volume measurer for controlling how loud I am



 Old Loves. Gone, but not forgotten.

2001 Gibson LP Standard Wine Red with 490R/498T pickups  <Link>

 Groove Tubes 4x10”  <Link>

Digitech GNX2  Effects unit  <Link>

1997 Takamine Santa Fe LTD 97 Acoustic  <Link>

2000 Fender Telecaster American Standard 3-color Sunburst with American

       Tele Single-Coil Pickups <Link>


 Gone and easily forgotten.

 1989 Fender Stratocaster Eric Clapton w/Lace Sensors 7-Up Green

Vox Cambridge 30 Reverb Twin with 2x10” Celestion Bulldogs <Link>